Season two is coming in hot!!! I and Luke A. are laying down the groundwork for what you can expect out of the executive protection lifestyle podcast and brand this year. I’ve got no shortage of content this year and it is very exciting!

I’m throwing down gear reviews, training reviews, real-world combat after-action reports, the EDC chronicles will continue and so will the considerations episodes. Perhaps most importantly, the interviews with the biggest and the best in the executive protection industry will continue coupled with interviews from people you’ve never heard of before who are doing some truly amazing things behind the scenes.

My goal is to explore the beauty in diversity and opportunity woven into our extremely expansive industry. We are living and working in an amazing time for the security professionals my friends, loved ones and colleagues. Our industry is going through a renaissance of change and opportunity and I am absolutely honored to do everything I can to make a valuable contribution to those who want to improve themselves as well.

My aim is the same as it has always been but my tools have improved and the journey has helped me evolve into someone who’s better at accomplishing the original task of contributing to a higher quality, more competent, more efficient and effective private security professional. Stick with me through this journey and let’s become better together as we dive into season two of the executive protection lifestyle podcast. ENJOY!

Protector by nature and by trade
Byron Rodgers

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Itinerary of information during the episode : 

01:00 – Executive Protection Training Day
01:24 – Hard skill saves a life but soft skills get you paid
04:57 – Executive Protection Agent
05:06 – SHOT Show
07:34 – Positive feedback
10:20 – Is there anything you would change in season 2?
12:13 – Protector Nation
13:49 – Making the world a safer place
18:42 – What do you say to the average person you know?
23:51 – What hit the nail on the head for me
25:07 – If you’re smart in the game, you realize it quick
30:56 – Another level of protection
37:43 – Audio is my number one mode of learning and creation
42:52 – How do I get into this game?
52:06 – Modules of teaching in a digital platform
56:37 – Training Courses
01:02:20 – Champion shooter
01:07:51 – Gunfighting
01:11:53 – It’s nice to be a beginner
01:17:46 – Top five moments
01:21:42 – Protection is more than just a job, it’s a lifestyle
01:25:55 – Validation of training
01:35:19 – Everyday carry/duty gun
01:42:41 – End Credits

Executive Protection Lifestyle Podcast

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