Mike comes across as the type of man who genuinely wants to do good for himself and the world. Very clean energy, a realist, a pragmatist, and altruist are some of the ways he strikes me after interacting with them on multiple occasions. Very technical very efficient and proficient at whatever he sets his mind to and so it is no surprise to me that his company is catapulting itself to the forefront of the protective armor game in our industry not only in America but also on an international level.

Innocent armor has been receiving a tremendously positive response from law enforcement professionals, private security professionals, and even civilians. Just a quick Google search will show you that many influencers are also standing by the Innocent Armor protective products.

Many of us have seen attempts at crossbreeding tactical products with style and many other civilian concepts. We all know how disjointed, bulky and generally, ineffective it usually is, but this time things are different.

In a world where active human threats are becoming more and more common, Innocent Armor is offering a solution to civilian clothing and tactical operations that could be more perfectly timed.

In this interview, I and the CEO of Innocent Armor, Mike Wang cover the product line and the principles by which he governs his company and his life. Every time I’ve spoken with Mike it has been a very enjoyable conversation so I’m sure you will all enjoy this one as well.


Itinerary of information during the episode :

01:42 – Introduction
03:02 – Innocent Armor
05:58 – Spike Resistance
07:40 – The right thing to do to help other people
10:15 – The mission
13:56 – Peace in the times of uncertainty
16:48 – Gun violence
20:10 – Product line offered
26:54 – The target demographic
29:34 – International traction
37:27 – Creating possible memories
44:04 – End Credits

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