Craig Douglas is a man I’ve heard so much about over the past few years. So when he agreed to join us for this year’s protector symposium, I was very excited.
For all of us! His training cadre Shivworks of which he is the lead instructor specializes in a specific type of training that I think is extremely important for executive protection professionals
And, for civilians as well. Learning to fight in very tight spaces is what they are all about and if you ask me, this game has much higher stakes, is faster moving and is less forgiving than your conventional 15-foot gunfight that is trained more often at the range. This is the Formula One of gunfighting and weapon implementation. Can you still employ your weapon when there’s flesh on flesh, bone on bone and meet on meat contact with your enemy?

Can you still operate when you can smell his breath and he’s bleeding/sweating in your eyes mouth and everything else? Do you think your range Regiment and self-defense training would hold up against a dynamic combat engagement where you are already entangled with a determined enemy? In these days of Uber Black, Lift, elevators and JetSuiteX we find ourselves sharing space with unknown individuals more often than not.

For the security professional, working in crowds in tight spaces and close proximity to other humans is no foreign or strange event. Keeping in mind the reality that every physical altercation you find yourself in when you have a deadly weapon on your person is a life-threatening physical altercation… Who doesn’t need to know more about this art form/discipline?

Craig Douglas is a man I respect, he is a master of his craft, values being a consummate gentleman, talks about healthy masculinity, he has aged like wine, and he is an “adaptable” I don’t think there’s enough that is said these days about the importance and power of being adaptable.

In my opinion, fluid intelligence is the most powerful intelligence in every way and by teaching good people how to raise their fluid intelligence quotient to his system; I believe Craig Douglas is truly doing some valuable work with regards to making the world a safer place by making good people more dangerous. This episode was fantastic to record, and I know you will feel that too as you are listening. I look forward to working with him in order to bring you all high-quality content for this year’s protector symposium and I know you’ll enjoy this episode.

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Itinerary of information during the episode :

01:16 – Introduction
02:30 – Who are you at your core?
05:05 – The difference between school education and experimental learning
10:11 – The importance of having firearms to be able to protect yourself and your family
11:37 – How did you get into doing what you’re doing
18:27 – The protector symposium
25:32 – The hardest lesson you’ve learnt on the field
33:32 – Feedback from the field guys
38:42 – The number of different acronyms and compartments
43:08 – One principle of trying to implement a weapon knife at a distance
50:34 – One difference in principle or application on the top of your mind
57:10 – Everybody could learn to think better
59:04 – Fight inside a vehicle
01:05:59 – Honest Experiences
01:10:54 – Ageing gracefully
01:13:53 – How would you like to be remembered?
01:19:51 – End Credits

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