Tony Blauer is a man who has literally dedicated his entire life to teaching people how to survive and prevail through violent encounters. He’s done so many notable and paradigm-shifting projects and has changed the face of personal protection so many times that I would spend this entire write-up listing his accomplishments.

It is a very rare opportunity to come across a man who has been operating at a high level of a specific game for such a long duration of time to have the perspective that Tony does. In some ways, he’s a mad scientist of violence and personal protection. He fuses together layers upon layers of psychology, physiology, biochemistry, physics, reflexology and a few other sciences that would bore you if I continued.

What’s beautiful about this approach however besides the amount of intelligence and experience it takes to execute effectively is simply that the synergy of the product he presents is actually pragmatic, realistic and grounded in reality. As Leonardo da Vinci once said, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” I find that the truest forms of validation for Tony’s very sophisticated yet simple work product is the fact that warfighters and law enforcement officers around the globe have now been implementing these principles for decades. Beyond all of this, the concepts that are grounded in layers of interdisciplinary sciences are ironically organic to the human experience and easy to implement.

It was more than an honor to have this conversation with him, it was also a journey and it’s beautiful that I can bring this conversation to you in this form and hopefully in a few other forms as this year continues… Enjoy!

Itinerary of information during the episode :

01:09 – Introduction
02:14 – Teaching martial arts
04:07 – The difference between the physiology of fear and psychology of fear
10:36 – Pain is the mother of invention
15:08 – The relationship with fear
17:01 – The essentials of personal safety
20:56 – What do you really know about personal protection
25:51 – Intuition and Intelligence
38:42 – Target glance at the gun
42:12 – Understanding of situational awareness and self-awareness
47:47 – Scenario-based training
01:00:50 – Stress inoculates to fear
01:04:43 – The fastest system to learn
01:13:31 – Confrontation Management
01:21:17 – Cultivating self-awareness
01:24:50 – Fluid VS Crystallised Intelligence
01:27:03 – How would you like to be remembered?
01:33:30 – Executive Protection Training
01:33:59 – End Credits

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