Shamir Bolivar Shadow is a very interesting individual. He represents a different type of animal in this game. He’s a very strong visionary which I love and his vision may even surpass my own when it comes to some things which are refreshing to me. He’s the real deal Shamir has the street credit, as well as scars and stripes to prove it.

Men like him are worth every penny if you really believe you need protection. Underneath the physique, intellect, and experience he also has a secret weapon and I believe it’s what drew me to him.… A big heart.

Shamir is all about his people and to me that is the real mark of not only a warrior but a champion. He’s in the game to make sure his family and his team eat well at his table.

People that are contribution centric are a special breed and I’m always so energized when I run into another one of them. This conversation is rough, raw, and rugged. We talk about humble beginnings, life-threatening altercations on the job, The best/worst aspects of the game, and where we hope the industry is headed. ENJOY!

Itinerary of information during the episode :

01:10 – Introduction
02:01 – The current times
04:50 – The ability to create something special in the industry
06:20 – Co-operation is better than the competition
11:42 – The outsourcing of security
16:29 – Goodness as a protector
24:26 – Creating an environment to prosper in the game
31:13 – Start having relationships that pull you up in the game
41:06 – Relationship is the ultimate value
60:03 – Take care of the people around you
80:10 – You gotta put yourself in a position of win
98:55 – Professional Savages
01:21:29 – You gotta do your dirt time
01:31:53 – End Credits

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