Kevin is a professional at the top of the executive protection game in Los Angeles, California. He comes highly recommended and was nominated to be on the podcast by Elijah Shaw himself. I first met Kevin in person at this last protector symposium we had in Irvine and I knew back then I was going to have to bring him on the show because the industry needed to hear what he had to say.

With a background in law enforcement and as a man dedicated to mentorship and making a difference in the lives of others, Kevin is the type of professional I strive to be and I hope we can create more of in our industry. We talk about many different subjects in this episode ranging from how to get into private security, mistakes people make coming up in the game, and even how to make the most of this COVID-19 pandemic. This was another live recording so we even field a number of questions from the crowd. There’s something in this episode for everyone, ENJOY!

More about Kevin

Itinerary of information during the episode :

01:11 – Introduction
03:28 – About Kevin
05:24 – Life skills
07:33 – Only you will know your true commitment
11:02 – All the things that you learn when you get into this game for real
16:51 – Doing things in advance
21:00 – Keep a small footprint
26:39 – Understand that you’re providing a service
29:46 – You don’t want the smoke but you’ve to be prepared for it
39:54 – Everybody’s watching
46:58 – Arrogance is a dangerous time
54:05 – Get around the action
01:00:55 – Every situation is not going to be a win
01:11:23 – Street credit
01:23:48 – Cultivating high-quality relationships
01:46:39 – Soft skills
01:54:20 – Choose your battles wisely
01:58:07 – End Credits

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