When I first met Richard I was a little bit unsure… He reached out to me concerning a mentorship program I run through my Patreon account that I have since expanded through my online Executive Protection Training Course.

Initially, I always wonder if the individual who I’m attempting to work with can learn how to market themselves to the industry in a dynamic way. I’ve learned that no matter what skillsets and abilities they come to me with if they’re willing to do the work they can carve a place out in the industry for themselves. Richard surprised me, as his brand of intelligence is difficult to see coming.

He executed swiftly on everything I asked him but added the magic sauce of going the extra mile and making every tactic his own by applying his personal touch. Richard was able to stay consistent, put in the work and contribute to important relationships within his world until he not only achieved his first and second line goals but is now running his own programs within a reputable security firm and conducting executive protection operations as well as training for them at a high level.

I’m very impressed with Richard and it’s an honor to see him elevate himself from a young man who wants to get into the security industry to the position where he is now assessing, training, and conducting operations with other security professionals as the man in charge.

This is an episode all about the journey, the lessons learned along the way, and having the strength to face new challenges relative to your newfound strength and ability… ENJOY!

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Itinerary of information during the episode :

01:04 – Introduction
02:47 – How it all started?
04:16 – Train until your idols become your rivals
07:30 – The lion in the circus
10:01 – Security Consulting
14:52 – Tactical background
17:30 – A warrior poet
20:48 – Byron’s Patreon Mentorship
23:56 – Working with Celebrities
28:08 – A healthy level of anxiety
31:50 – Static Security
37:45 – Asset rather than a liability
39:36 – Ego Management
43:46 – Beating out the competition
47:52 – Close Protection Conference
52:22 – Workplace Violence
56:04 – Goals for future
57:42 – Favourite Quote or Mantra
01:01:33 – End Credits

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