Daniel Farr is private security professional. I have lots of respect for him, because he puts his heart and soul into the job he’s chosen to do. Always looking to raise the bar in his own life, gives him the ability to raise the bar in his company as he leads from the front and in the industry as his standards for training and work product are some of the highest.

I first started my relationship with him at last year‘s Protector Symposium in November. It was an extremely good time and an absolute honor to meet, shake hands, and train with every single protector present regardless of location or background.

With all that having been said, there are some people you meet that you know you’re meeting them for a specific reason. Since that day, Daniel has joined forces with me to bring the Protector Symposium 2.0 to the world and we look forward to you also hosting a Protector Symposium at his absolutely amazing facility on the East Coast near Virginia. That’s right, Daniel is located right in the heart of things where the big boys and federal agents reside so it’s nice to have a brother on the other coast who’s getting it done.

For all, Daniel represents to himself, his family into the industry, I consider myself very fortunate and have a friend like him. This interview gives us an opportunity to talk about a number of values to our beloved Executive Protection game, the direction we see the industry going and we give some pointers to new agents looking to start a career doing what it is we’ve come to love doing… Keeping people safe. So go get your ticket to the Protector Symposium 2.0 at protectorsymposium.com then sit back and enjoy the show!

Itinerary of information during the episode :

01:07 – Introduction
04:48 – A good time to get into the game
05:30 – Who are you at your core?
07:14 – Focus on quality, not quantity
12:42 – Seeing the world in a different way
16:23 – What did you think of the first protector symposium
19:11 – Americans are realizing that they have to start doing something as individuals
29:28 – Law-enforcement simulator
37:44 – Absorb what’s useful, disregard what’s useless
42:04 – How would you like to be remembered
45:42 – End Credits

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