When I first met Philip I was honestly impressed. It was at the very beginning of the COVID 19 pandemic and my company was being over tasked with security work. As the demands for manpower came in, I did everything I could to find high-quality individuals to train and put to work within Bravo Research Group. I conducted a virtual interview with Phillip to initially gauge his personality, social skills, and a few forms of intelligence. This interview is a very casual tool I use to help me understand people.

Philip instantly presented as a very intelligent, very well-spoken, clean person with a high drive and a work ethic that is truly rare these days. He is literally the exact type of young block I like to bring on to my company based on what I saw in that interview, coupling that with the fact that he is also a Marine, makes him a grand slam. Unfortunately, we lived in separate states and this detail I was interviewing him for wasn’t the type of detail that would allow me to relocate him to California.

Nonetheless, he joined forces with me by entering the league of executive protection professionals after graduating from my executive protection training day success package. This course will allow him and I to do our careers together, along with the other certified executive protection specialists in that extremely powerful growing networking group. So naturally as I get ready to do my weekly group session with “the league” (my training day students) I see a news article with the video of him rescuing a child falling from a burning building… This was a truly spectacular example of a protectorate work.

Naturally, we had to make an episode out of it because I really want both civilians and paid protectors to be inspired to act like Philip in the face of catastrophe. I’m genuinely looking forward to seeing Philip in our beloved private security industry. if you’re looking to bring someone on your detail that will actually make a play, I want you to heavily consider him.

Itinerary of information during the episode :

01:20 – Introduction
04:41 – Split-second that changed life
07:34 – The real hero
09:55 – Where you’re at your life
16:31 – People are willing to go and get what they have
20:39 – A change of perception
26:54 – Helping people as much as possible
27:13 – End Credits

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