All of this training with Firearms over the years has got me itching to be a bit more physical and so I have aimed to deliberately focus more on hand to hand Combatives and other things in between.

So when I saw the content floating around the Internet of Raul grappling hard-core with some guys over a gun, I was naturally drawn in. After looking at much of his content, I realized that Raul is the type of protection centric professional that I can respect and naturally bond with.

He’s not about being the biggest or the baddest but he’s about being his best in order to protect those who are counting on him. He’s all about empowering people to learn how to protect themselves on many different levels.

With a background in the military, private security and also law enforcement, he’s been around the block, seen a few things and now he is making waves while becoming a premier instructor in the industry.

Standby for more from myself and fieldcraft as I have a few reviews coming up from their courses over the trajectory of this year. This conversation between me and Raul has everything for everyone including some good stuff about getting physical with your gun and listening to it talk.… ENJOY!

Itinerary of information during the episode :

01:09 – Introduction
04:00 – Tactics change depending on the environment
08:15 – A life-threatening situation
11:17 – Sharing what I’ve learned
14:00 – Fieldcraft survival
16:48 – Creating better-prepared civilians
21:00 – We need to worry about the real things
24:05 – People do not want to buy emotional intelligence
29:03 – Micro relationships
32:56 – I’m not gonna fight you
35:38 – Emotional processing that helped me grow up
40:05 – Cool hardcore luxury
45:09 – Law enforcement training
50:40 – What would you say about come combat and athleticism?
55:54 – Principle around protecting your firearm
59:00 – The bread and butter in the game
01:05:08 – Listening to how your gun talks?
01:12:16 – Create and build this camaraderie
01:19:47 – Everybody wants to be a Viking
01:25:03 – How would you like to be remembered?
01:30:00 – Stronger self-identities
01:37:41 – End Credits

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