The “Considerations Series” was something I started during the first season of this podcast. Sometimes it has to do with executive protection but many times it just has to do with life. My goal with this series is to mix in content about what it is we are all doing regardless of where we are on our journeys and with regards to the private security game.

In this episode, I talk about a number of principles that are near and dear to my heart, these are the things that have helped me on my personal journey of development. By no means are these things correct or incorrect but rather they are simply inert pieces of information like tools or a gun sitting on the counter.

You can choose to pick these principles and utilize them any way you want or just leave them lying there, some of them will be appropriate for you and some will be totally irrelevant and far-fetched. The other thing I like to try and do is fight my way into the darkness of unknown concepts and thoughts at least with regards to my own intelligence…

I believe living on the edge of order and chaos is the responsibility of a warrior. The people we keep safe are behind us in the realm of order but higher versions of ourselves can only be created by venturing into the darkness and fighting against the powerful resistance there.

In this way and in this endeavor, we take territory for the light and bring order to the world by creating stronger versions of ourselves and serving on progressively higher and higher levels consequentially. I talk a little bit about these things in this episode and if I don’t make you think, and I have wasted my time with this one, always remember to absorb what is useful, disregard what is useless and add what is essentially your own as Bruce Lee once said with anything I submit to you. This conversation gets cut short, but I will continue right where I left off on the next episode of considerations coming soon. 

Itinerary of information during the episode :

01:16 – Considerations
03:35 – Your sphere of experience and influence
06:30 – The age of information
10:06 – Unlocking your potential
15:33 – You’re like the apple seed
20:56 – Don’t doubt your own wisdom
25:31 – Hardest choices are reserved for the strongest wills
30:37 – Never let anything or anyone stand between you and your destiny
35:02 – Executive Protection Training Day Success Package
37:39 – End Credits

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