Big John is the type of man I truly respect based on what I have seen of him. We live in a country where masculinity has been demonized and persecuted for a few decades now and so when I see a man whose unapologetic-ally healthily being masculine it is inspirational and rejuvenating to me.

Big John uses this natural energy to inspire, teach and help others improve on a regular basis which is what healthy men do along with providing and protecting physically, mentally, emotionally and even spiritually for those who count on them.

This episode is NOT about masculinity and femininity, in fact, we talk about female agents towards the end of the episode. Nonetheless, Big John is the type of man who is both physically and intellectually strong, he’s got a good sense of humor, lots of experience and a very deep/holistic perspective to give.

Beyond all of these attributes of contribution, he has chosen to give these attributes to people who are willing to listen and that is truly honorable. He was definitely one of my absolute favorite instructors at the Executive Protection Institute as well.

In this episode, we talk about all of the things we wish we knew at the beginning of our careers and contrast them with things he has gleaned from over 30 years in the industry and his perspective and thoughtfulness always impresses me. This is the first of a two-part series I’m doing with John Musser because he has so much to give. ENJOY!

Itinerary of information during the episode :

01:10 – Introduction
02:05 – Garmin Watch
04:02 – Valuable life lessons
07:11 – A coach at my core
10:22 – If you’re not defining the needs of the customer you’re not accomplishing goals
14:20 – It’s very easy to hate
19:11 – Is your principal’s success your success?
24:09 – The weaker people are more dangerous to team dynamics
29:02 – What can you do to get into private security?
32:39 – Start making good judgments
37:04 – People don’t seem to take things as seriously as they used to
42:01 – I don’t define executive protection
45:00 – How you feel about something when you let their behavior impact you
50:51 – The countermeasure against being anxious
57:18 – Emotional Intelligence
01:00:32 – Financial Management
01:04:26 – More prone to do things that are dishonorable
01:13:05 – You can only help somebody if they come to you
01:17:28 – The industry is so hard to define
01:19:15 – Is it hard to find good women?
01:23:48 – Growing up in the game
01:32:16 – The Executive Protection Institute
01:40:52 – Your favorite quote or mantra
01:44:22 – End Credits

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