There are few men I run into who understand the warriors’ path both internally and externally the way Alan Baker does. He’s humble, soft-spoken, intense and deep. If you pay attention you can sense the vastness of his internal presents. Many men claim to be eternal students and many of them are telling the truth but I sense that very few have taken that way to the lengths that Alan Baker has. He has lived the life of a martial artist for a few decades and he’s rearranged his entire life to do it full-time. Very few human beings can make that claim.

Many of us consider ourselves modern-day warriors because we study Combatives to protect the innocent and this is fantastic. Alan and I discuss also how being a modern-day warrior is so much more than that and has much to do with an internal battle that faces us all regardless of our physical capabilities or vocation. Professionally Alan Baker develops martial arts systems for many special teams, entities, and industries that need them around the world. He has many black belts and uses his extensive knowledge of Hanahan combat to improve the spectrum of tools that many different types of warriors have when they go into their respective fights against the darkness these days. 

I met Alan at the Executive Protection Institute. A fantastic school that will take your executive protection game to the next level where they were teaching us their own proprietary Executive Protection centric martial art. I found it so interesting and Alan so fascinating that I absolutely had to catch up with him and do this episode. There’s something for everyone in here, as usual, ENJOY!

Itinerary of information during the episode :

01:09 – Introduction
01:46 – Alan Baker
03:25 – Learn the environment first and then design the system around the environment
07:10 – Most people repeat what they learn
10:18 – An agent of change
11:17 – Growth comes from resistance
17:01 – How did you get into martial arts?
21:11 – Most of us find ourselves bound to a job
24:20 – Live your fear and go after the things that you’re passionate about
29:13 – Start getting back out of the real world
32:00 – What you guys need to know if you’re going to get into any endeavour in any field and you want to be top tier?
35:47 – You got to be able to have a moral high ground
38:54 – Martial Arts for Executive Protection
41:41 – Martial Arts for female
48:10 – Weaknesses and Vulnerabilities
53:38 – Victories in your career
57:51 – Favourite quote or mantra
01:02:00 – Learn the value of creating systems
01:06:00 – Executive Protection Training Day
01:46:24 – End Credits

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