Max Joseph’s is a very well-known name within the realm of executive protection training especially within the California circuit of professionals. My first exposure to him was when I was encouraged to train with him through talent executive services which is a very high-end boutique private security company out of Southern California. For me, this was more than enough validation and I dove right in.

I really appreciated his training because it not only covered the hard skills of executive protection but it also covered the soft skills very accurately. Being that I went to his training after existing in the space for about seven years I was able to accurately appreciate the value he was giving to the students of his executive protection course. Training with Max is an experience that gives you a window into Marine Corps culture along with the standards and proficiency of a weathered elite instructor.

Max maintains his standards and as a result, certificates that come from his program are well respected in the industry. As an individual, I’ve always appreciated Max’s old-school methods along with his sense of humor and he’s a professional I always appreciate interacting with. Someone from the old guard that is still teaching a full spectrum of extremely salient, relevant, and cutting-edge tactics. Additionally, The cadre of instructors he leverages is under the umbrella of his training operation is top-notch. During this interview, we cover everything from executive protection operations, what it takes to be an amazing agent and what types of training professionals should be looking for to improve their performance within the private security game. There is something in this interview for everyone, ENJOY!

Protector by nature and by trade

Itinerary of information during the episode :

01:00 – Introduction
05:20 – The most valuable gift to get into the civilian world
08:39 – Providing realistic and Demanding training
13:08 – Learn to work with different cultures
20:40 – Stay Hardcore
50:49: Hardest lesson you’ve learned
55:38 – Proudest moment out in the field
01:12:42 – Hard skills save lives but soft skills get you paid
01:12:57 – End Credits

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