Tomislav is an amazing executive protection professional who works out of Croatia and all over Europe. He’s been a friend of mine and a very valuable contact for a few years now and so it is an honor to bring him on the show as one of my go-to guys for that part of the world. Tomislav is a visionary and a top-shelf professional with an old-school ethos and as a result, his work ethic and integrity have always been extremely impressive to me. He is a patron of my school and a member of the League of Executive Protection Specialist so when you join us you get to do your career not only with myself but also Tomislav and other high-level professionals like him. We are all assets to one another within that group and we hope that you’ll join us (

Beyond these things, he understands the intangible components of not only being a highly effective executive protection agent/company owner but also being a high-quality human being. I look at him as a brother because our values align so closely and I know I can depend on him which is why it is such an honor to use this platform to give his values and work ethic exposure within our beloved game of executive protection.

During this interview, we cover a number of topics relative to security professionals in the United States as well as overseas. We dig into the impact of COVID-19, survival techniques in the US and internationally, and also many characteristics of what it takes to be successful within our industry. There is something for everyone in this episode as always ladies and gentlemen… ENJOY!

Itinerary of information during the episode :

01:02 – Introduction
05:00 – Being hungry in the game
08:40 – Learning from mistakes
15:34 – You cannot be good with everybody
20:53 – About the Executive Protection Training Day Course
26:52 – The Universe starts something
35:43 – Raising the standards in the industry
42:03 – You cannot do some things in front of the client’s eye
55:07 – Having an inexperienced unprofessional guy in the team
01:20:24 – We all make each other better
01:29:00 – The Ego
01:44:47 – End Credits

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