In this episode, I dig into some things I’ve seen in the industry over the years, some things that have been holding us back as an industry in my opinion. I address these issues both on a macro and micro scale. We dive into them as they affect us all with regards to our public perception as well as the way that they will eventually impact you on security detail.

At the end of the day what I’ve learned is that if you choose to do something different, choose to better yourself, or choose to make any type of contribution, you must be willing to face those people who are unsettled by it. They will take aim at you for various reasons but if you can just focus on improving the value of your contribution rather than taking them personally, your true value through that contribution will vindicate you in the end.

I’ve seen this dynamic play out time and time again. Your haters can make you stronger if you learn from them and those you are here to serve will only benefit from your growth. Let the value of your work product speak for you, let their lack of contribution speak for them. Stay humble, stay hungry and always seek to serve those you’ve been called to you were hired to take care of. Because in the end Alexander the great was right, “All that matters is what you can achieve.”

Protector by nature and by trade

Itinerary of information during the episode :

01:04 – Introduction
05:47 – Making a contribution
09:31 – Learning from the haters
16:29 – Cooperation over Competition
24:01 – Training my students
35:09 – Effective, and dangerous
39:30 – What this game is really about
46:13 – Handling the Business
54:56 – Pay attention to reality
01:00:15 – Time always tells the truth

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