When it comes to executive protection professionals Ivor Terret is not just one of the best but one of the most intelligent individuals I’ve come across. It’s not just my opinion but if you follow him you’ll see that he has spoken on a number of extremely reputable stages within our industry and that most if not all of the high-end events are sometimes or another.

He is a bona fide industry leader who is a genuine man of peace and I always admire his aim to simply be a good person, which always shines through when I interact with him. He doesn’t overcomplicate things to sound more intelligent but rather he talks about simple principles and tactics that make all the difference, period. As a person, I truly respect this man and as a professional, I can see why he is revered by so many.

I’m honored to have him as a subject matter expert within our executive protection masters class curriculums and every time we interact I feel like I’ve truly gained something through our conversations. There’s so much in this episode and truly once again something for everyone. Enjoy!

Protector by nature and by trade

Ivor Terret

Itinerary of information during the episode :

01:14 – Introduction
06:38 – Making an impression on the industry
09:48 – Prone to making mistakes
12:04 – Being a good person
18:10 – Hard to be a leader
23:11 – Day-to-day and emergency procedures
29:47 – Have a few months of resources in the bank
36:36 – A security engineer
42:10 – Things are evolving quickly
47:30 – Survival time
50:52 – Budget client preference culture
01:00:49 – There’s enough business for everyone
01:08:08 – Ivor’s book: Codename Nephew: A Mike Levy Novel
01:11:56 – End Credits

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