I was especially excited to do this episode with Leo. I can tell from the real-world action video of him being ambushed by AK 47 wielding thieves on the freeway that he was the real deal. You could see him work the equation in front of him in a way that only a man who’s been there before and had superior training could.

In this episode, Leo takes us through a blow-by-blow tactical review of an incident where he was conducting security operations on precious cargo and there was an attempted armed robbery. This is a beautiful episode where reality gets to bisect with the conversations we generally have.

I learned so much from Leo walking me through this real-world violent encounter. Leo is the real deal and it’s an honor to learn from him but more importantly, I hope that more people train with him down in South Africa because experience is the ultimate teacher, and learning from someone who has that is invaluable.

Leo comes across as a very intelligent, humble, and passionate individual when it comes to private security and training. I genuinely believe that all of the good guys were blessed to have him behind the wheel on the day of that attack. There is so much in this episode for everyone, sit back and enjoy.

Protector by nature and by trade

01:00 – Introduction
04:33 – The realities of life
11:24 – Understanding the pedigree of people who are training you
16:19 – South African Police Service
21:02 – The compensation
44:35 – No one loves the warrior
47:20 – Top leading causes of death in America
51:24 – Operational security
58:02 – Performing under intense stress
01:11:44 – It’s all in the mind
01:18:05 – End Credits

Leo’s website: The Edge Shooting Academy

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