Executive Protection Lifestyle is a brand dedicated to educating professional protectors. I started this brand with the mission to educate and contribute to a higher quality executive protection agent on the ground in order to restore honor and respect to our vocation. So far it’s been such an amazing and interesting journey building this brand and now I’m honored with the opportunity to continue expanding this work and contributing to our industry in a number of different ways.

Constantine and Michael are too amazing men that run a top-shelf shop call Sentinel Security in Toronto, Canada. We’ve been in a working relationship for the last few years and they were on the podcast in the beginning episode (https://byronrodgersmotivation.com/episode-11-sentinel-security-podcast/) everything they do is done with the spirit of excellence, professionalism and focus. These gentlemen have a heart for training, our industry, and the lifestyle. Therefore it is an honor and a privilege to join forces with them and to add a Canadian chapter to the EPL brand. What this means simply is that you guys will enjoy more high-quality content and training opportunities out of this brand and up in Canada as a result.

As we continue to change and elevate our industry, I will be looking for more and more brand partners around the world in order to help raise the bar, impact, and improve the lives of agents on the ground everywhere. If that sounds like something you and yours would be interested in, please feel free to reach out to me directly.

Who better to impact the local security scene but the guys who are plugged into that geographical area. Sentinel security it’s a juggernaut in Toronto and it’s an honor to join forces with Michael, Constantine, and their entire family. We’ve got so much more good stuff coming down range ladies and gentlemen, enjoy!

Protector by nature and by trade

For more, visit https://www.sentinelsecurityplus.com/

01:04 – Introduction
05:31 – Vision is more important than perception
10:00 – Authenticity is so important
14:29 – Carrying out the Brand Equity
20:04 – Killing insecurity and fear
25:50 – Contributing to the Executive Protection industry
31:52 – The mentality of a protection agent
36:05 – How can you be vulnerable?
42:38 – The PS 4.0
49:01 – End Credits

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