Christian West is a living legend in the executive protection industry. As the CEO of one of the largest and most well-known executive protection companies in the game and the author of many different books and publications in the executive protection space, his career has been extremely impactful! Well ladies and gentlemen he is doing it once again with a new website and platform designed to bring educational products digitally to the industry on an international level. His new endeavor call EP Access is something new, different and something I believe will revolutionize the way, we as professionals evolve our skills during the course of our careers.

Like any smart professional he’s not doing this alone but he has with him a cadre of elite professionals teaching different modules and making products available that will contribute to the success of us all. It’s an honor to be connected with him and it’s truly humbling to be a conduit to bring something that I’m sure will do so much good to my fellow professional protectors. This episode will give you the background on the product, his mission and a nice walk-through of the back office of EP Access. There’s so much in here for everyone, sit back and enjoy. If you haven’t noticed already, I’ve placed links down below for you to sign up and join forces with us

I’m so excited to share all of our successes as we make the industry a better place for ourselves, our principles, clients as well as stakeholders.

Protector by nature and by trade

EP Access – How To Become An EP AGENT

EP Access – The Art Of Networking For EP AGENTS

EP Access – Executive Security Driver: Security Awareness By Pablo Ortiz-Monasterio

EP Access – Executive Security Driver Bundle

EP Access – Executive Security Driver: Understanding The Vehicle By Pablo Ortiz-Monasterio

EP Access – Executive Security Driver: Customer Service By Aaron Mauldin

EP Access – Executive Protection Advances: Masterclass by Christian West

01:04 – Introduction
05:53 – Getting the right training
10:17 – All about EP ACCESS
17:07 – Making an impact on the Executive Protection Industry
22:00 – The digital realm
27:30 – Breakdown of the platform
52:09 – Take your Protection Quotient (PQ) to the next level
52:47 – End Credits

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