In the executive protection game, you run into professionals of all types. Some are just pretending to know what they are doing, some truly believe they know what they are doing but they are making things worse, yet some are extremely tactically proficient yet are missing one key ingredient that makes them effective on many levels… Mehdi is one of those rare professionals who have the personality, experience, and pedigree to truly do this job in a way that’s beneficial for all parties involved.

When I say that he executes his duties with excellence for his clients, principals, stakeholders, and even those who find themselves on the wrong side of the protection detail. If you ask me the ability to do this effectively is truly the mark of a high-level professional in this game. If you can do your job in this way absolutely everybody wins and everyone wins long-term.

This is the art of controlling turbulent and sometimes violent outcomes with a soft hand and the art of keeping a velvet glove over your iron fist as we’ve said before executive protection is a thinking man’s game and Mehdi has had experience with rock stars, pop stars and most every client demographic at the top of this game…

Beyond all of this, he is genuinely a very amazing person who values treating others with the utmost endless of respect and dignity which counter-intuitively is truly what makes him a powerhouse in this industry. Listen close and learn the art of dominance and doing no harm. This interview is truly special so don’t miss it because there truly is something in here for everyone.

Protector by nature and by trade

01:24 – Introduction
06:45 – Continuity of care
11:05 – The two sides of a coin
17:18 – The 12’o clock guy
23:09 – The client psychology
29:42 – How to not get sued
38:47 – Learning things along the way
45:05 – Sleep management
49:27 – The best way to learn is by working
56:38 – Competition is all you need
01:06:51 – The common mistakes by agents that people should watch out for
01:12:34 – True Hollywood story
01:21:18 – When in doubt, do your job
01:31:20 – Favourite quote or mantra
01:37:50 – Keeping the client happy
01:42:50 – End Credits

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