As I aim to explore, understand, call and expose different market segments of the executive protection industry with the listeners of this podcast, recently I decided to dive into a client demographic I haven’t dug into that much on this podcast. To be completely honest when I started this podcast I was worried I would run out of content or individuals to interview but the truth simply is… There’s still so much more to cover.

The hip-hop scene is a part of our industry that can be a bit controversial amongst executive protection professionals and bodyguards. However in my opinion it’s also one of the highest threat environments in our game as many of the clients in that space have legitimate street beef‘s that spill over into their professional careers.

Big E is one of the most highly recommended professionals in that space and during this episode, I have the honor of going deep with him into what that game has been like. He’s worked with many of the biggest names, ran teams all over the world and is a living legend within that space. He’s also a very respectable man and a genuine friend!

His street credit and reputation definitely precedes him and if any of the listeners are thinking about playing this game then this is definitely the interview for you. The rap game very often is one place where the rubber meets the road for real in executive protection.… ENJOY!

Protector by nature and by trade

01:03 – Introduction
06:00 – The mindset
11:53 – Importance of sports in my life
19:37 – Egos
25:28 – It can’t be about the money
33:27 – Keeping in tune with reality
45:19 – Taking care of business
58:01 – Everyone gets scared
01:11:25 – Making the best of the opportunities
01:17:14 – Fear setting in
01:24:00 – End Credits

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