Jesse is new to the private security game but he has already made quite an impact, many different industry leaders are noticing him and I believe it’s because of a few simple yet valuable things he’s doing for himself and his career.

This is an episode that will inspire newcomers to the industry and remind the veterans of the passion and purpose they once found in the work that made it so invigorating in the beginning.

The key is simply to have the internal discipline and thought processes that can keep us in love with this game the way Jesse has for the past four years.

It is a decision that must be grounded in someone’s identity, much like a marriage. Jesse has a big heart and I believe that is one of the things that attracts people to him but he has coupled that heart with a work ethic that is making him more and more of an asset consistently.

He leads with respect and honor which gives him access to the honorable because respect is currency. I’m so proud of him and the distance/success he has already acquired after meeting him a little over a year ago and I am genuinely inspired to see how far he will go in this private security game that we play, live and die by.


Itinerary of information during the episode :

01:09 – Introduction
02:21 – There’s nothing more beautiful to see than a man struggling against reality
03:54 – I was scared because I didn’t think I was going to succeed
06:11 – Who are you at your core?
08:38 – The biggest procrastinator
12:04 – EPL Podcast and Training Day Product
15:27 – How to brand yourself digitally
18:47 – Information can change the situation
24:03 – Sacrifices
29:22 – Never say more
33:18 – Always learning
36:24 – An old school mentality
40:53 – Improve your position and push to the next objective
45:38 – Is there anything you don’t like about security industry?
50:23 – Don’t be scared
54:31 – What are your goals?
58:44 – Mind discipline and sacrifice for the greater good
01:00:48 – How would you like to be remembered?
01:04:53 – End Credits

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