Females in the Executive Protection Industry have so much to offer like us all. Miranda is an example of that. She has experience in doing this kind of work all over the globe. She has a truly amazing story with more than just a cool tactical background. She brings with her the experience of being on the receiving end of kidnapping, abuse, and many other evils we all aim to mitigate in the world.


She is truly an amazing person to me for a few reasons. Primarily because she has transmuted those things that were meant for evil in her life into a source of power and a drive that empowers her to make sure these things happen to fewer people on the planet. This is a seminar about real-world experiences, tactics, and also best practices. There is something for everyone in here… Enjoy! 💥BOOM!


Protector by nature and by trade


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A synopsis of Master Class:
Where Security, Risk & Human Behavior Intersect 


Being a protector is more than just protection. When you work in protection, you offer mental, physical, and logistical assistance to people in need of protection.  But to be able to do that properly, you need to possess certain skills and character traits.


You have to be capable of giving your client a sense of freedom and at the same time a sense of security, safety, and support in whatever environment you find yourself in. This means that it requires you not just to have hard skills but soft skills as well. 


You need to be mentally stable and prepared for the many challenges that you will undoubtedly encounter. You will sometimes see or experience some horrible things. Of course, you need to be physically fit but mentally and spiritually fit and prepared as well. 


What do you need to know about stress? To be able to control your stress, or to help others struggling with theirs. You have to be able to recognize it and understand what happens inside of those experiencing stress. As a professional protector maybe the most important thing you must understand well, is that the ones that you are protecting are your clients, not your friends! They will not see you as their friend or their family. And no matter how well they understand that they need you, it can be too much for them at times.


Miranda Coppoolse
Behavioral Analyst
MC Global Security Consulting


To connect with Miranda, visit:
https://mcglobalsecurity.com/ 👈
https://instagram.com/mirandacoppoolse/ 👈

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