??BOOM! In the executive protection game, we always strive to render the highest level of protection and seamless movement whether it’s on land, air, or sea. Set jet gives us the ability to do that with our customers, clients, and principles in a new way. This company is a new cheat code in the private security industry allowing us to serve those who call on us, with a service that has never existed before but mitigates a number of risks we frequently deal with at public airports.


Set Jet is a membership-based private jet charter program, available exclusively for its security pre-screened and approved members. Membership is available to a limited number of approved members in each city. Set Jet’s revolutionary new approach to facilitating private jet air travel was conceived by a group of Arizona-based, successful entrepreneurs with decades of diverse marketing and aviation experience.


Set Jet facilitates this unique members-only based service from non-congested and conveniently located VIP private terminals, without the traditional inconveniences related to commercial air travel, such as advance notice for booking flights, price premiums for last-minute travel, extensive time allowance for driving to primary airports, check-in requirements, security delays, and parking expenses. Set Jet’s member services representatives and cabin hostesses are fanatically trained to provide exceptional five-star service.


Whether you are an executive protection company, security detail, or a VIP… Set Jet is the new best option for travel.


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