⚜️Are protection strategies different for men and women? In regards to the basics of living a safer pattern of life, many of the soft skills are the same but for the hard skills, I believe there are many differences. 


In this episode, Shiva Hess @shivaluv and I discuss protection strategies most of which are appropriate for everyone but we also go into many tactics that are more advantageous for women. The reality of this life simply is that no matter how big and bad you are as a man, you must also develop an environment and strategy for protecting your women and children. Training them in protection tactics and strategies is something that needs to be part of your plan to protect all you love. You may be the quintessential protector of the house but you are often at work or not around. The truth is human trafficking is one of the largest industries in the world and is primarily hunting women and children.


It was such an honor to do this episode with Shiva. She is and has always been an amazing soul, who has been spreading love and light to whoever has crossed her path. As a mother, she realizes that she is responsible for herself and her children’s protection. This was the primary reason for this conversation, there’s something in here for absolutely everyone… Enjoy


Shiva Podcast Show Notes

00:00 - Introduction
02:10 - Female protection strategies
06:05 - Personal Security & Awareness
11:07 - Content is the 1st pillar
12:43 - Tactical positioning
19:30 - Risk assessment
31:18 - Q&A time
46:49 - Home protection



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