I dealt with the new type of quality problem during this match… the thing we all fear the most finally came upon me. And the number one reason people talk about not switching to a red dot actually happened in real-time during this competition.

Interestingly enough the fundamentals held up just fine. I’ll be the first to admit that I should have back up iron sights on my competition firearm but… I haven’t got it done yet. So when my dot went out, I had to simply index off of the center of the window and my overall firing stance
interestingly enough, it gives me no problems whatsoever. I was able to drop all the steel with little to no issue at all, my hips maintained A’s and C’s but more A’s than C’s. I think the worst part about all that was simply the shock to my mind which impacted my overall stage planning.

if you watch me closely you’ll see me try to turn my dot back on mid-stage a couple of times here and there. Honestly, I feel better about having a dot on my gun now that I know how to shoot without it and I’ll feel even better once I get those iron sights where they are supposed to be. Surprises can very often increase the value of training in my opinion. stay dangerous out there!

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