SHOT SHOW 2020 was really an amazing event for the firearms industry guys that happens once per year. Being a part of this event was an incredible experience as one gets to see the cutting-edge guns and gears that are not even released yet.

One of the most amazing things about Shot Show is that you can actually meet the representatives of the company whose gear you love and interact with them. It definitely helps you to connect more at a personal level and build a relationship. Then, there’s also a chance to understand just how much the firearms industry is thriving and what’s in store for the future.

At Shot Show, you get to meet all of the people from the security and firearms industry that you’ve only been watching on youtube or following on other social media channels. You get to know the personality of the people you really love and have been watching in the digital space. How often do you get that chance?

Personally, for me, it’s a beautiful event where I can go and look out for gear that I want to do reviews on, and also meet individuals who I’d love to have as guests on the Executive Protection Lifestyle podcast.

So, if you’re in the firearms industry you need to go to Shot Show. It’s undoubtedly the heart of our industry and the place where deals get made! Even if you’re not a part of this industry but you’re a gun enthusiast, I’d recommend you to attend Shot Show to meet the people from this industry that you’ve been following. I promise you, that it’s worth every penny and something that I look forward to every year.

See you at the next Shot Show event.

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