Silence is so necessary, so important especially these days. There are so many different forces trying to tell us what to think, how to feel and most importantly, who we are. Silence is a gift you can give yourself and it’s a gift you should give yourself daily. We as humans need it for so many reasons. How do you decide, how do you learn, how do you see best or understand things going on around you? If something strange is going on around you, what do you do?
You tell everyone to be silent so you can perceive better. All of these things are done better in silence. In silence we can hear our thoughts, investigate our feelings, understand our hearts and if we’re lucky maybe even listen to God himself.

It is out of silence that we understand who we are and how we can chart a path to become who we want to become. Never forget that no matter how cool external forces may cause you to feel, they cannot replace the validation that comes from inside. The validation that comes from inside as a result of you actually becoming some thing. The validation that comes from outside is a result of you trading a piece of yourself for some thing TIME + ENERGY = MONEY 💰 < YOUR LIFE-FORCE … To understand things like this you must truly sit in silence, weight, dig, seek and chew on your thoughts until you really understand them.

The less you sit in silence, the less you think for yourself, the less you know yourself, the less you act in ways that actually make you better so you lose pieces of yourself along the way and ultimately, you simply never live the life or become the person you were sent here to become. Honor the silence, honor GOD, honor yourself, make room for silence and make room four something much more than who you are right now.

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