In this tactical review, I stress and demonstrate some tactics regarding situational awareness. Basically, take proactive measures to think ahead and cover bases and contingencies before something happens. The better prepared you are for “what ifs” the more likely you are to avert the unfortunate. Some things to keep in mind when you are in transitional spaces: 


⭕ Where am I in relation to others?

⭕ Do I have a position of advantage?

⭕ Do I have visual mastery of my environment?

⭕ Taking inventory of the environment and doing risk assessments.


These and many more are some of the things that entail situational awareness. Remember 90% of personal protection has to do with soft skills such as these. Hit the 🔗link-in-bio or go to ⚡ and learn these protection strategies from the comfort of your own home. 👊🏽BOOM!



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