Sonny is doing some truly amazing things with his brand Sixsight. He continually generates quite a bit of content that is highly educational, free and has everything to do with becoming a more effective Protector. What I like about him most is that he also contributes to people’s soft skills. The cool thing about soft skills is simply that they are the skills that anyone can implement no matter how physically potent or strong they are and these are the skills that really help save lives by avoiding confrontation and/or stopping it before it starts.

Much of what he teaches with regards to surveillance detection, situational awareness and behavioral Profiling is what caught my eye and sparked this conversation. After getting to know him a little bit better during this interview and through consequential conversations he also was generous enough to join us for the Masters class at the league of executive protection specialists.

Sonny’s got an impressive background for his age with experience inside of notable agencies overseas as well as time in the executive protection industry and he leverages those skills to teach professionals and civilians of all walks of life at various levels. He is still in the game which makes them exactly the type of person I love having these types of conversations with.

There is so much for everyone in this conversation please and gentlemen, sit back and enjoy.

Protector by nature and by trade
Byron Rodgers

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