Even when you think you’re taking time off you’re living by your standards believe it or not. Your standards or not what you probably think they are or would like them to be. Your standards are truly the baseline of what you’re able to maintain. And what you are able to maintain is that which is truly in alignment with who and what you are. Who and what you are is depending on a few factors that are the result of the work you do or do not do on yourself. The volume and frequency of that work as well as the quality will simply give you a composite score which will be the standard you’re able to maintain for yourself over the course of your life. Ultimately this is important because your life and your standards are inexorably linked. The quality of your life will be dictated by the quality of the standard you’re able to maintain in various areas.

When stress appears and it will from time to time you will retard to the baseline have advocacy, effectiveness relative to your standards. Not how cool or efficient or fact if you think you are because you used to be tactical, in the military or in law enforcement but rather you will degrade to your actual level of unconscious performance on that day.

There is so much I could say about standards… Ultimately what we had professional protectors get paid for really has so much to do with the quality of our standards and the standard we can raise around our principal and clients’ lives in order to keep them safe. Standards inside of your team, standards you may be able to inspire other vendors to also maintain in order to promote connectivity and fluidity between your teams…

Finally and ultimately it should be understood that when I look at you I see your standards, when I listen to you I hear your standards if we spar I will feel your standards and if I assess your team I will quickly understand your steams standards which come out of you. You’ll never be able to influence anyone or anything affectively to a standard that is higher than the standards you maintain for yourself. Therefore all progress depends on you first so get to work improving your standards.

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