Steve has an amazing story when it comes to how he’s gotten into the executive protection game. Over the years I’ve met many different private security professionals in various areas of our private security industry that have wanted to get into executive protection. Whether it was a guy at the door of the club, an agent I met at the venue we were moving through, or even hotel security, I’ve had many conversations with professionals who want to get into the executive protection side of what we do.

The interesting thing about these conversations is that I always tell them the exact same thing… It’s a bit counterintuitive but it is the truth. I built my Executive Protection career on the East Coast and the West Coast from a bouncing position at either a local bar in Orange County, California, or a high-end club in Fort Lauderdale Florida. I’ve lived it and I know that if you have the right values, skills, work ethic, and approach, opportunities will find you. The beauty of this interview is simply that Steve and I go back and forth about how this formula works and has worked in both of our lives not only to elevate us from one position to the next but also from the club to working C suite executives and “A” list talent.

Steve is an exemplary agent with a background as a United States Marine. He has been running crews out here in Southern California and is now building his books out in Texas. I reached out to him for a number of things from time to time and he always delivers in spades and so it was an honor to bring him on the show and listen to him tell his story. This podcast isn’t always about having the most popular guys in the industry be heard but it’s also about hearing everyone at every level of our game. Newcomers to the industry, guys who are building their businesses and yes those we’ve all been impressed by. At the end of the day, this is a place for the industry to be heard not just the few at the top but all of us. Steve is one of the best representations of what I hope many of us strive to be in the executive protection game… There’s something in this for everyone as always… ENJOY!

Protector by nature and by trade
Byron Rodgers

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01:03 – Introduction
06:32 – A huge culture shock
14:53 – Not an easy transition into the EP Game
26:49 – Fighting the battle
37:20 – Seeing your standards
47:24 – Having great clients
56:47 – License to carry concealed weapons
01:05:07 – Spending money to know people
01:12:16 – How would you like to be remembered
01:15:54 – End Credits

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