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Steve Summerville @summervillesteve is the President of Stay Safe and retired as a Staff Sergeant with the Toronto Police Service in 2001. Security Coordinator for the AIDS 2012 Washington, 2010 Vienna and 2008 conference in Mexico City (as well as AIDS 2006 in Toronto) and the SARS Concert in Downsview in 2003.

Steve has extensive experience in all phases of Crisis Management Training, including Crisis Resolution, Tactical Communications, Defensive Tactics, Use of Force, and Restraints.

He has been recognized as an Expert in the field, including every level of the judicial system from Criminal to Coroner’s Court. Steve continues to provide Expert opinions to Legal Firms, Judicial Systems, Coroner’s Court, etc

Steve is an amazing human being. His level of competence when it comes to his chosen profession is exemplary and puts him within an elite class of professionals when it comes to what we do. Additionally the subject of “use of force“ is so terribly important yet so often overlooked that I believe his work it’s something we all need to pay much closer attention to. The reality simply is that we do so many things and invest our time/attention in so many areas but when it comes to this, we can do everything right and still lose everything without the right pieces in place.

Spending time with Steve during this last Protector Symposium 4.0 has given me even more insight into who is as a person and I am beyond impressed with his humility, efficiency and care/concern for other human beings. While he is extremely technically confident, he is a man that genuinely cares and that is very special these days… Enjoy this episode because there’s something in here for every protector no matter what their walk of life is.

Protector by nature and by trade
Byron Rodgers

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01:03 – Introduction
05:13 – Challenging moments
11:40 – Telling the truth under oath
16:36 – Sentinel Security
22:11 – Tipping Point
30:44 – Understanding the full side of the story
36:48 – Content of context
44:46 – Safety zone
52:05 – PTSD environment
01:00:23 – EPL Canada
01:10:52 – Being exposed to arrest
01:15:10 – End Credits

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