This interview was absolutely amazing, where else can you listen to a conversation with an individual who has done so much for the industry and evolved through what could be considered a full cycle of development in the Private Security Game. Starting in the realm of basic square badge / club security, evolving into Executive Protection, launching his own company and eventually selling it for millions, all with no LEO or Military experience. With a background and experience working some of the first and largest tech contracts in the game and also legendary hip-hop artists; Christian West needs no introduction as an individual who has much to contribute from his journey. As you would expect there is so much that many of us stand to learn from this episode, it is packed with absolutely priceless principles, tactics and security game upgrades for those who are willing to listen and able to recognize wisdom. This episode breaks two hours but the content and conversation was so good that we didn’t even realize it until the very end, listen and enjoy!

Conversation consists of but is not limited to:
• Introduction
• Where did you come from – your story?
• The dream– did you plan on the success you have had?
• Why are you in this field?
• What does executive protection mean to you?
• What single principle, value or set of values has contributed to success on your journey the most?
• Working hip-hop stars how did race effect your job.

• Biggest differences working tech companies – dues and don’ts.

• Covert protection dues and don’ts. Do you prefer covert or overt protection pros and cons?

• Major choice points on the road to success.
o Growing panes both operationally and internally
• Developmental chapters you can recall as you developed
• Example of a mistake you’ve learned from.
• Example of proudest moment in this game.
• A word to anyone who wants to get into executive protection?
• Most important skill set for success in this industry
• What do you love most/least about what we do?
• Executive protection mindset – describe what you believe the perfect mindset is when doing this work
• People – personalization – pushing
• Safe – happy – productive
o Productivity support
• Your new apps
• AS training solutions
• Advice for security business owners
• Rituals- daily, weekly, that you think make you better at what you do
• How would you like to be remembered?
• Where can the world find you and what are you doing these days?
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