⚜️There’s a storm coming… Storms represent chaos.
Chaos is always present and can strike at any moment. Very often it does and catches even the best of us off guard. Still and yet there are some of us who are wise enough to prepare for the chaos and the storms of life during times of peace. It’s hard to know who those people are until everything explodes… I hope to be one of those people and have trained to be but I hope even more to inspire others also to be prepared for chaos and to inoculate themselves to the rigors of life, reality and everything else we seem to be doing here by preparing through training during times of peace. We never know how much rest we will be given or how long the summer will be until winter comes.

So prepare, train, organize and make yourself better because we never know when we will need these things but one thing is for certain… Eventually one day we will need these things. I hope I’m wrong but it’s an amazing and strong way way to live your life either way. Never forget that fear and weakness are the ultimate enemies to yourself and everything you love.

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