⚜️Shootout breaks out in the middle of the street, what happens in these kinds of situations? Watch the video till the end. We always talk about situational awareness but just saying situational awareness doesn’t take us deep enough into what really needs to be understood for protection in my opinion. Context, tactical positioning, and the rolling risk assessment are the three tools you should always be implemented in order to leverage effective situational awareness.

Another thing I didn’t mention in this video that is extremely important is physical fitness. Physical fitness is a tool and another weapon every protector should possess, you can easily see how it came in handy during this altercation. this is yet again another circumstance where hard skills are implemented but if you look closely you can see how important soft skills actually are! It’s becoming more and more important not just for protectors but for civilians as well, to be able to identify target indicators around them especially when you’re at a new unknown place.

Learn to see things before they happen, and that’s what ultimately keeps us safe. Context, tactical positioning, and situational awareness are not just words floating around, we need to learn to adapt ourselves around them to keep the danger at bay from us and the people we care about!

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