Never forget that on this road you will experience everything. Life is simply a mix of it all. The good / the bad, The beautiful/the ugly, the pleasure/the pain all have their purpose and with the right perspective, it will all do its work in you by God’s grace. There’s nowhere your eye can look on this planet that does not include both the light in the darkness of this experience. Never allow a judgment you’ve made while in pain or in pleasure to define any event taking place in such a way that you close your mind or you’re being off from learning everything you can from the experience.

I think that our ultimate aim is to become strong enough, intelligent enough and to develop a high enough perspective to not only apply ourselves to the growth that can result from it all but also to develop A paradigm that allows us to have genuine gratitude for it all. The best parts of us are furnished within the flames of pain/defeat and fortified by the cool waters of pleasure/victory. Each of us has all of these forces within us and has all of these forces acting upon us at any given time but it is the quality of our consciousness and the choices we make about our perspectives that will ultimately dictate our performance and thus the contributions of our lives.

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