⚜️Team training is something every Executive Protection company should do as often as possible. Developing a pipeline of training that agents run through annually is a crucial part of maintaining a dependable team.

Empowering your agents to prove their competencies that have been refreshed on a consistent basis just like in a police department or in the military is really the minimum requirement that protects us and our stakeholders from the risk of incompetency. This practice also may protect us in court as they look at the standard of training we provide to our employees.

The League of Executive Protection Specialists is now offering sustainment training on all executive protection competencies.

We can deliver à la cart solutions for your teams on the spectrum of high threat operations all the way into the day-to-day executive protection operations. Driving, medical, combatives are really only the beginning.

If you are a training director or someone who has the responsibility of making sure your agent is equipped with training opportunities then please reach out to us through the link accompanying this video and it will be good to develop a training solution for you and yours this year.

👉 https://www.epspecialist.com/

If you are an agent that just wants to stay sharp and develop skills to make you as advertised and also that will empower you to have a successful career, then let’s train together.

This message is an invitation to the EP company owner and the agent… I look forward to serving both of you with the gold standard in private security training.

Hit the link below so we can hop on a call and develop a training solution for you and yours this year 👉 https://www.epspecialist.com

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