⚜️ In this episode of the Protector Nation Podcast we welcome Dave Selinger founder and CEO of Deep Sentinel, an AI-based home protection technology. Check the show notes below to see what we discuss in this incredibly informative episode!


Podcast Show Notes

00:00 - Introduction
06:10 - The man behind the machine
12:45 - Deep Sentinel vs other brands
25:45 - Deep Sentinel: Deep learning
38:30 - Privacy
43:56 - Advanced security package
50:10 - Closing thoughts


 Simply a must 👀 watch and 🎧 listen!



Before founding Deep Sentinel, Dave also co-founded companies like Silicon Climate, RichRelevance, and Interactive Touch Books. He is also an advisor for multiple companies like Opus 12 Inc., Notarize Inc., SwarmSales, Inc., GridCure, Rainforest Connection, and NeonMob. Mr. Selinger holds a BS degree in Computer Science from Stanford University.


🔗 Learn more at 👉 https://linkedin.com/in/selly




👉 Take advantage of the discount code above or visit 📹 https://bit.ly/deep-sentinel-10-off and let’s make the world a safer place by helping good people be more willing, capable, and prepared. If you enjoy this content and want to become a better protector consider joining our growing community at 🤜 http://protectornation.com


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