I’m not saying that racism does not exist because it does but mostly in small and insignificant pockets of reality. I’ve been bake and black my entire life and I’ve ran into prejudice people of all races, cultures, and creeds. I believe the primary difference with regards to myself and my philosophy and others in our country is how I deal with this rare and dying issue. During my human experience, I have found so many white people and people of every ethnicity culture and creed that love, accept, support, and help me tremendously.

It would be terribly shortsighted and ignorant of me to say all police officers are bad just because I’ve had bad experiences with a few. I’ve also had bad experiences with a few black people but does that mean all of them are gangsters? I’ve had bad experiences with Mexicans, Muslims, Christians, and people of every demographic but I’m not about to lump them all into one category and say that they should all be disband extinguished or disrespected
What I’ve found is simply that there are two different types of black people in America. Those that believe the victim-centric narrative that we are still impressed and those who simply do not accept it as a reality. Those who do not accept it live in a free, supportive, and beautiful America while those who dwell on it, magnify and focus on it live in a terribly racist country. In my opinion, this is simply because you do not see the world as it is rather you see the world that you are in that perspective, paradigm and mentality. It makes all the difference…

I can only give you the experience I’ve lived and that I currently create reality from. If you’d like to live a high-quality life, my friends, you must make higher-quality decisions and if you wish to make high-quality decisions you must get higher quality information… Turn off the news and read because you cannot outperform your perception, your perspective, and or your intelligence. You can have anything you want, you can be anything you want. We’ve had a black president and black people at the top of every industry in the world… What more has to happen in order for us to realize that there are no limits anymore?

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