⚜️ In this episode we have Thomas Ryan of Asymmetric Response joining us to discuss a part of security that is often overlooked in the industry and that’s the digital side. In this podcast we discuss…


🎙️ Who he is behind his core.

🎙️ Safety protocols for civilians.

🎙️ What can hackers do with a phone number?

🎙️ Internet safety: How to protect yourself.

🎙️ And much more!!



With over two decades of experience in cyber and physical security, Thomas Ryan is a highly accomplished and sought-after expert in the field. Specializing in red team operations, application, supply chain security, and personal protection, Thomas has a precision focus on both offensive and defensive security operations in public and private organizations. As the Founder of Asymmetric Response, a boutique security firm, and a Board Advisor for numerous companies, Thomas has a wealth of knowledge and experience.


In 2010, Thomas gained global recognition for his groundbreaking research on the dangers and threats of social media, known as the “Robin Sage Experiment.” This research remains highly relevant and influential today, with its concepts being taught in 28 universities and referenced in hundreds of security research papers. Thomas has also been assigned several CVEs for exploits discovered, and his work has been referenced three times in the MITRE ATT&CK Framework.


💻 LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tommyryan/


I’m sure every professional protector will learn from this discussion! 

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Podcast show notes

00:00:00 - Introduction
00:01:48 - Who’s Tom Ryan behind his core
00:07:13 - Cybersecurity statistics in the USA
00:09:41 - Safety protocols for civilians
00:16:57 - Why some things are better left unsaid
00:19:16 - Internet safety: How to protect yourself
00:23:16 - What can hackers do with a phone number
00:37:35 - What makes a super yacht a vulnerable target
00:49:20 - Tom Ryan’s teaching experience
01:01:06 - Closing questions


🎥 Video editing by @art_production07



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