The enemy is everywhere but what’s most important is that we understand first and foremost that the most significant enemy is inside of us. Begging us to be weak, begging us to take the easy route, begging us to rest, begging us to miss the mark to avoid responsibility and begging us to hide out in weaker versions of ourselves so that it doesn’t have to face the light.

What the faithful warrior is doing here on this earth is learning through rigorous attempts simply to do one thing well and that is the face and sleigh weaker versions of himself in an effort to grow. Sun Tzu talks about it, Musashi talked about it, Budha talks about it, Jesus talks about crucifying your flesh daily… And therefore I find it to be the only righteous mission because as we put these weaker versions of our self to death and we evolve deliberately into better versions of ourselves by unlocking our potential consistently, we are able to serve ourselves, our families, our God and even our employers from higher and higher levels. There is no more righteous mission than unlocking your potential because it improves the quality of everything else you can give.

What must be understood most of all however is simply that your enemy is inside of you and so is your salvation from weakness. You will lose in battle if you do not purge yourself through preparation, you will fail on your mission during your time here if you don’t do the work of BECOMING.

So do not look outward, compete with no one else I… Look straight into the mirror and face yourself. This is the best battle, the only battle and The battle that decides whether you are taken by fate or you reach your destiny.

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