The primary goal of this podcast is to lay the groundwork for what the podcast and thus the Executive Protection Lifestyle brand is all about. I talk about the goals I have for the brand and where things will be going. I lay my intentions out straightaway and also clearly explained that I’m not doing this because I think I’m the best, but rather of doing it in order to improve myself and the industry at large.
After that stuff out of the way I get it to more specifics, principles, techniques and tactics that relate to private security, protection and becoming a better human being overall. The episode is brief but absolutely integral for understanding what this podcast is going to be about.

• What the podcast will be about
• Goals for the podcast and brand
• What it takes to be an Executive Protection Agent
• The lifestyle behind a successful agent
• Values for success
• Hidden skill sets for success in private security
• From Warlord to Guardian
• Industry of service
• The ultimate super fly master Jedi ninja EP agent
• Humility and authenticity – away, not the way
• How Executive Protection Lifestyle started
• Becoming more dangerous and a little bit smarter all the time
• Your first line of defense
• The utility of shooting competition
• What this podcast can do for you personally and professionally
• The atrophy of identity
• Why the EPL lifestyle is so important

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