⚜️For this Protector Nation podcast I’m excited to have as my guest the AMAZING Rudy Reyes @realrudyreyes former Recon Marine Team Leader and Scout Sniper. He has gone on to work in both film and TV, all while working for the U.S. Department of State on counter-terror operations across the world!


We discuss his personal relationship with God, serving the greater purpose bigger than yourself, and much more! 





In 1998, Reyes joined the United States Marine Corps and was ultimately selected for (and passed) Marine Recon training. After being a special forces operator for three years, during which Rudy became a “schooled-out“ (paratrooper, combat diver, demolitions expert, scout sniper, closed quarter combatant, and SERE trained) Recon Marine. After leaving the Marines, Rudy worked as a counter-terror contractor for the Department of Defense. He also competes and trains people for Adventure Racing and Martial Arts.


In 2008, Rudy appeared on the HBO miniseries Generation Kill, a seven-part series based on Rolling Stone reporter Evan Wright’s 2004 book of the same name. Rudy plays himself, depicting his time as a member of the lead combat force that entered both Afghanistan and Iraq.


He also has worked on many survival shows, Apocalypse Man and Ultimate Survivor Alaska.


💻 Learn more: https://rudyreyes.com


Podcast Show Notes

00:00 - Introduction
00:57 - Rudy’s background
06:45 - How Rudy Reyes became a man of God 
22:45 - Who is Rudy Reyes behind his core?
50:40 - Closing question


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