An update to the Executive Protection Training Day Success Package, and the League of Executive Protection specialists. If you’re trying to get into the executive protection industry or you’re already a part of it, and looking for a way to re-brand and scale-up in your career check out the success package. We’re in business for the past 8-9 months, and we are growing exponentially. What I’m most excited about with respect to the training is, it’s so much more than just training, it’s a membership with the league of other professionals.

You not only learn everything related to protection, but also the social dynamics. We don’t just teach you the deed of executive protection, we also teach you how to market yourself, how to brand yourself, and continue building it. We go over everything you need in order to be successful. We also do weekly Zoom meetings where I personally coach every single member and answer their questions. What’s more? You get to be a part of a network that’s growing exponentially. The EPTD package is extremely valuable and resourceful. I not only teach you the work, but I also stay with you throughout your entire career, along with the group of people in the same network. We are also tying up with companies who’re looking for EP talents, and that’s another way I market you to the industry as well. And remember, it’s not just instructions, as many of you know, I’m an executive protection agent myself, and I coach my students the real-world tactics, and what it takes to survive in this game.

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