⚜️Chadwick Boseman was truly a great man with beautiful ideas not only about purpose, passion, destiny or humanity but also about the potential of Black people in America. His life will continue to be a beacon of light into our culture because of the things he said and work he achieved during his time here with us. This video serves to respectfully illuminate some of the ideas he set forth during his time and to commemorate some of his contributions.

Black people in America, it is time we wake up to what has happened and continues happening to us as a culture. If we seek to make a valuable and lasting change in this nation, we need to understand the inner workings of those who have come before us and have done it already under even more dire circumstances and more treacherous times. The answer to racial injustice is contribution and responsibility. We need to position ourselves not for a handout but to be able to command the type of respect that is deserving of a highly contribution centric, safe and inclusive demographic of good people. When you are righteous, it’s just a matter of time until you get what you deserve. Righteousness in this contact meaning simply to be in right standing with your brothers and sisters of the world.

Violence, destruction, aggression and other modes of coercion that are related to these actions and energies are simply counterproductive. We’ve been here before and the way to victory was won through courage, dignity and respectability. I challenge you to find an image of Martin Luther King where he’s not wearing a suit and the people around him aren’t dressed extremely professionally and respectively.

We’ve been victimized by a social engineering strategy that has created a new plantation within our culture, our minds and it is now we use our hearts to overcome this self-defeating ethos, paradigm and ideology. We want our brothers and sisters of all races not to fear us but to love us for the content of our character and our contributions. I believe this is the only way to heal our nation. Each one of us must do what we can to bring up the average for our culture and demographic because we are truly all in this together. I send these videos because I love you guys and I want to show you that there truly is another way. Rest in peace Chadwick Boseman and Martin Luther King. You have fallen but will never be forgotten.

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