⚜️Time is your greatest asset, everything you do costs something. Everything you do costs something, every conversation, every thought, every action comes with its own cost. If any of these are strengthening you, it is worth the cost, so make sure that you make wise decisions when choosing your tribe. Pay attention to the quality of conversations that you have, because your life will be dictated by the quality of those conversations.

Remember that, your perspective on reality is a huge determining factor in how you interact with reality and that will dictate the results that you get from reality. So if you often find yourself complaining rather than expressing gratitude, you need to elevate your perspective or you will literally run your life into the ground eventually. The worst part is that your life will feel like it’s in the toilet far before it actually is because of your focus but the opposite is always true and available as well… your choice.

The struggles, challenges and enemies in front of you are all love because who should you be without them? It’s God’s way of saying that I know what you’re capable of overcoming and showing you the path. Never back down from the struggle that you need to do, in order to become stronger, and create higher quality systems. The struggles and the challenges place a demand for growth. Sacrifice the weaker version of yourself, and fight your best fight as if there’s not gonna be a tomorrow.

Guard your heart
Guard your mind
Guard your time
Guard your conversations
Guard your relationships
Guard your LIFE and WIN

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