⚜️ For this Protector Nation podcast, I’m excited to have as my guest Dennis Price founder of Heroes for Humanity @heroes.4.humanity. We discuss his experiences and continued mission to deploy global and stateside humanitarian aid and assistance. And how they fulfill their goal to do the right thing by helping people in need, wherever that may be.


Simply a must 👀 watch and 🎧 listen!



Reconnaissance Operations Professional, Military Veteran with a Top-Secret Security Clearance, and over 16 years of proven experience in the United States Marine Corps and Special Operations community. 


Possesses a comprehensive background in Team Building, Leadership, and Training derived from conducting countless domestic and international operations. Managed risks upon multiple lines of effort to protect assets, property, and equipment valued at over $1.6M while meeting and exceeding the expectations of senior leadership.


Extensive knowledge in theoretical and practical operation instruction; certified military Instructor with over 4 years of proven experience. Recipient of multiple awards for outstanding performance, and professionalism in the United States Marine Corps; career supported by extensive operational experience and formal leadership training.


Learn more at…

💻 https://linkedin.com/in/dennis-price-8a22141a3

💻 https://heroes4humanity.us


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