⚜️There are levels to this stuff. The private security professional must be good at many things. You must be more than proficient at many things. You must master administrative and logistical operations, master concierge, master customer service, master social dynamics but you must also be a professional at violence from the beginning all the way to the end of the spectrum.

If it’s available to the enemy then you must understand, know how to use it, and leverage it or defend against it. We live in the world for telling the worst-case scenario and preparing for it all. Those who turn their noses up at the worst outcomes and failed to prepare, Train and develop the skills to defeat what is for most people the unthinkable or simply unconsciously planning to fail if they were ever confronted with it. Generally, they are running a protection strategy and simply don’t want to face their skillset where it is and do what’s necessary to bring it out to where it is supposed to be. You’ll never see them at the range read any of the training events because they have deceived themselves into believing that they have already arrived…

This is a fatal mistake. Maybe once upon a time, you were the man I never forget that everything is perishable, even your skills. Becoming a legend isn’t about what you did once upon a time rather we are able to be every day until the day you die.

PROTECTOR by nature and by trade
Byron Rodgers


Executive Protection Lifestyle Podcast

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